How Consigning Works at The Consignment Boutique:

Bringing in Merchandise:
There is a $5.00 fee per calendar year to consign.
Monday thru Saturday by appointment - limit of 25 items.
We must be selective if items are not sellable or if we are overcrowded in a section.

Requirements for Clothing:
All clothing items must be freshly laundered or dry cleaned, pressed, and on hangers.
Current style (no older than 3 years).
In pristine condition (no lint, pet hair, stains), and fresh smelling.
If stains or imperfections are discovered during the consignment season, the item will be donated without notice.

Our Policy:
Consignor receives 40% of the selling price of each item.
The Consignment Boutique will be responsible for pricing all consigned items including making price-reductions on items.
All consignors may collect their checks in the boutique after the 15th of the month (with proper ID) for the previous month’s sales. If you would like to call first to see if you have money due to you, please call 412-822-8400.

Unsold Items:
All clothing and footwear items not sold by the end of the consigning season will be donated to charity.
You may request a tax receipt for any donated items. Please let us know the day that you consign your items if you would like a receipt at the end of the consignment period.

**Please note: The Consignment Boutique makes every possible effort to safeguard all consigned items; however, we assume no liability for loss, damage, or destruction of items due to fire, theft, accident, or any other cause.**

For Downloadable PDF:
Click Here for a complete version of our Policies